We have carried out programs such as

Educational projects

Considering the changing nature of the global economy, driven by technological advancements and globalization, it is now more important than ever to invest in human capital and ensure that everyone has the skills necessary to succeed. According to recent estimates, up to 2 billion of today’s jobs are at risk of being replaced by automation by 2030. HISANEF aims to assist by allocation of more funds to the education sector, recruitment of more teachers, provision of more infrastructural facilities in schools.

Economic Improvement Projects

Ending poverty in Nigeria will entail improving the country’s economic productivity and opportunities for its citizens. This will mean investing in human capital potential and creating jobs for women and young people, increasing financial access and opportunities for groups in rural communities, and advancing technological innovation.

Medical Projects

Increased investment in healthcare is linked to economic growth, and consequently to reducing poverty. Nigeria is battling with a number of crushing health indicators including malaria, tuberculosis and infant and maternal mortality, all of which have a sweeping impact on productivity.

Security and human rights Awareness

The link between security and human rights is important. This link is reinforced if we consider that human rights define human security. Individual, international, and national development requires the protection of human rights; therefore you cannot have security without the protection of human rights. Development requires respect for human rights, and respect for human rights prevents conflicts.

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